Letter 1: 14 Days of Love Letters

Prompt one in our 14 Days of Love Letter series is to share when you first knew your spouse was the one for you.  

It’s February!  That means its time for our monthly challenge:  send a nice text/email/note to your partner everyday!  I’ll be following the 14 love letter prompts (listed in their entirety at the bottom of this post.)  Sign up for our email list  if you want to join the challenge! (there is a sign up in the footer)

14 Days of Love Letters Prompt 1: When did you know they were the one for you?

Prompt 1:  When did you first know your partner was the one for you?  How?

First off, can I just say how ridiculous it is that I’ve had a marriage blog for two and a half years (!) and have never recorded our dating story?!??!


The whole story will have to wait for another day (it is a good one!), but some back story will be necessary.

Back story: I had a major crush on Rich for about three years before he started noticing me. 🙂

True story.  My life is great.

In direct answer to the question at hand, I honestly think I knew Rich was the one for me before we ever started dating.  Or that he could be the one for me (I take slight issue with the whole “soul mate” notion).  Once he got around to that whole noticing me thing.

Minor details.

But just from talking to Rich (and a fair amount of observing him stalker-style), I could tell almost immediately that he was the type of guy that would make a most excellent life companion.

I was very right about that.

First off, I could tell he was kind, considerate of others, even-tempered, generous, congenial, funny, intelligent, spiritual and hard-working.

14 Days of Love Letters Day 1 How I knew he was the one.
package deal right there.

So, when the time FINALLY came around to us dating, I knew almost immediately that he could be the one I would marry.  If he liked me enough- that was the one factor I was waiting out on and once he convinced me of that, it was a done deal in my mind.

In fact, I can remember at some point when we were close to getting engaged thinking I should maybe pray about this whole “Is this the guy I should spend my whole life with” situation, and so I did.  And the answer came in clearly right away, “you already know the answer.”

And I did.

And that was that 🙂

By the strength of his character, really I knew right from the start of our relationship that he was the one for me.

14 days of love letters

So there you go.

Ok your turn!  How did you know your partner was the one for you?

Remember, even thinking it in your mind can help fill your love tank.  So even if you don’t comment- think about it!  And if you are joining our monthly challenge, send the answer to your spouse in a text or email or note.

Oh!  And I put all of the love prompts into a handy dandy printable so you can print it out, fill them out and give all the love letters to your spouse as a gift!  Perfect Valentine’s day gift!  Here’s a sample of the first page:

14 Days of Love Letters printable

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