Just for fun:  The Mormons and The Muppets Humor

By:  Celeste

Yesterday’s post was on the serious side, so here’s a nice little post to lighten things up.

Today it was announced that the guest performing artist for this year’s Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert will be the Muppets.  Rich posted this as his Facebook status and the following battle of wits ensued with my very witty friend Elisa:

*It wouldn’t fit all in one screen shot, so it’s a little broken up, but still the same thread.

**Update: So, turns out after sleeping on it, Rich and some of his friends had more jokes to add! So I’ve added them at the bottom. We’ll see how long this keeps going! 

This was almost all done over their respective lunch breaks- nice work guys, nice work.  Anybody got any more??

7 thoughts on “Just for fun:  The Mormons and The Muppets Humor

  1. Here are a few of my favorites:
    Waldorf: You know that hymn they make us stand up and sing in the middle of conference sessions?
    Statler: You mean the intermediate hymn?
    Waldorf: Intermediate? I’d say it sounds like everyone singing’s a beginner!
    Both: D’oh ho ho ho!
    The Meep Meep aliens give a talk and everyone complains that the translation is dubbed instead of subtitled.
    Miss Piggy: Kermy, can I PLEASE sing a song during Priesthood session?
    Kermit: Sorry, piggy, it’s for men only.
    Piggy: HI-YAH!
    Kermit: How does the second verse of “Ye Elders of Israel” sound?
    Elder Grover reprises his most beloved talk – this time calling it, “The Monster at the End of This Talk (is Pornography)”
    Mormon message comes out featuring Animal, the wild, professional drummer from a rock band. It becomes very popular on facebook for several weeks.
    “This broadcast courtesy of Bonneville Communications, the letter M, and the number 12.”

  2. Wait! I forgot a few more of my favorites:
    “And now I would like to address those in our congregation who are not yet members of our Faith: smindy morgy toom, bork, bork, bork.” -Swedish Chef- so good 🙂
    In his talk, Elder Kermit clears up the myth that he once stated, “I never said it was easy being clean, I only said it would be worth it.”
    Somehow Elder Beaker gets stuck in the pipes of the conference center organ and is shot out when enough keys are pressed at the same time in the last chord of “How Firm A Foundation.”
    Elder Christofferson expands on a previous priesthood talk with a new one titled “Let Us Be Men Or Let Us Be Muppets (Very Manly Muppets)”
    Elder Kermit offhandedly remarks on the miracle of casting the unclean spirits into the herd of swine and is karate-chopped into the congregation.
    Ok done now. Just had to give credit where credit was due.

  3. Elder Forgetful Jones begins his talk from the beginning several times. This is probably his last conference they’ll let him speak at.
    Sister Prairie Dawn begins talk: “I love exclamation points!”
    Crazy Harry runs down the aisle with a bomb, calling members to repentance, is tackled by security.
    Elder Yoda reveals that Spencer w. Kimball was actually based on HIM.
    Elder Lew Zealand provides refreshments between sessions by multiplying his boomerang fish.
    MoTab member Roosevelt Franklin gets inordinate camera time during songs to make the church look more diverse.
    Maria is turned away from the Priesthood session, even when dressed as Charlie Chaplin.
    Brigham Young asks the saints to forma Muppet Ladder to “go and bring them in.”
    General Conference finally gets a movie spinoff titled Follow That Prophet.”
    President Packer’s infamous comments are edited out of the Ensign, but you can still see him on Youtube saying, “Some suppose that they were pre-dyed and cannot overcome what they feel are inborn tendencies toward being green. Not so! Why would a loving puppeteer do that to anyone?
    After expensively losing his temper, Don Music is banned from “ever touching that organ again.” Maybe he should read the Little Factories pamphlet.

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