Improving Intimacy Series

Introducing a new series all about improving sexual intimacy in marriage.

By Celeste

The time has come.

We’re doing this.

Let’s talk about sexual intimacy.

I’ve been avoiding the topic of sex because as I mentioned, I still blush like a school girl if I ever have to say (or lets be honest even type) the word.  But I’d also sort of written off the topic of intimacy because, when I was first thinking about starting a marriage blog, I poked around online to see what was out there in the marriage blog department. I looked at blog after blog and kept thinking, “Gosh, these are all about sex!  There’s more to marriage than sex!”  Also in our sex-crazed culture, the mandate that relationships, in order to be fulfilling MUST revolve around an amazing sex life sort of bothers me.

In any case, I thought I would leave the sex department to other marriage and relationship blogs.  But then I started getting emails like, “Hey are you ever going to talk about sex?”  And then more emails with more specific questions start coming in (which I am unqualified to answer), so we’re doing this.

What really made me want to talk about sex is that its a topic lots of couples struggle with and one where they really feel they have no where to turn to for solutions.  And I get that.  If I have a specific problem in any other area of marriage, no problem, I’ll google it or check out a book from the library on it or maybe talk it out with someone.  But sex is different.  I’m so anti-pornography that I hesitate to even google anything with the word “sex” in it (which I now realize is silly because there are a lot of awesome, not at all pornographic resources out there for married couples).

So.  This week (and next) is all about sex!  And I’m surprised to hear myself say this but I’m actually REALLY excited about it!  Not because I love talking about it, but because I think the information I’m sharing with you this week is actually really, really helpful.  It has already helped us out A TON.  I’ve learned SO much from researching and reading the past month!  I just can’t wait to share it with you all!  . .  not to worry, you’ll be spared any personal details, I’m just excited to share helpful information 😉

I’ll hopefully have a post up every other day.  Here are the posts we’ve got planned:

  • A post sharing the answers you all gave (which were so excellent by the way- thank you) to the question “what to do when one spouse wants sex more frequently than the other?
  • An interview with a friend of mine who went to the doctor to overcome pain during sex with some really helpful solutions there (spoiler alert: her sex life was forever changed for the better!)
  • A guest post exploring the benefits of waiting for sex until marriage
  • An interview with a therapist answering some of the questions you all posed in my sex survey
  • Resources to help you (yes you!)
    • a review of an excellent book on how to have better sex and
    • a review of an e-course made specifically for LDS women to improve their sex lives written by an LDS sex therapist

Are you guys excited yet?  Be excited.  Keep checking back this week and next so you don’t miss out!

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