The REAL Road to Happily Ever After

One of the main reasons couples are so unhappy in relationships is UNREALISTIC expectations.

Blame it on Hollywood, blame it on social media, blame it on a society’s unachievable standard of never-ceasing-to-make-us-happy idea of love- whatever the cause, our expectations of what love should look like is causing millions of couples to be miserable when it doesn’t pan out.

Expectations have been on my mind recently, so when Taylor emailed me with an amazing infographic explaining the REAL road to happily ever after, I happily agreed to post it on my blog. (seriously check out that part about arranged marriages- all about expectations).

Thanks Taylor!   -Celeste

Happiness is a balance of the ups and downs, the good and the bad, especially when it comes to relationships.

True love isn’t going to look like it does in the movies. It’s important to remind ourselves that our fairytale ending will look and feel different from all others.

It’s not realistic to think that relationships are always going to be easy and fun. That’s not to say there won’t be beautiful days and magical moments. And its certainly not to say that relationships aren’t worth it.

They take work, but they’re worth it.

In an effort to use science to help figure out how couples achieve a realistic happily ever after, ProFlowers created a guide to The Science Behind Happily Ever After.

With these actionable tips and professional advice, you’ll be on the road to your fairy tale ending in no time at all.

The Road to Happily Ever After


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