Halloween Three Amigos Style.          Subtitle:  Is It Raining Gringos?

By Celeste

Ever since we became sort of Pin-amous (Pinterest famous) from our Halloween costumes last year . . .

. . . we were feeling some serious Pin-ressure (Pinterest pressure) for this year’s costume.  In fact, when I visited Texas last February that’s the first thing most people talked to me about was our Halloween costumes.  PRESSSSURE.

A couple of times the past year we asked the girls what they wanted to be for Halloween and every time our oldest would say “Jessie!” (Jessie the cowgirl from Toy Story).  Which is exactly what she went as last year . . . (according to her – she didn’t know she was actually a boy named Ralphie).  So we ho-hummed about how we could make her Jessie again and this is what we came up with:


The Three Amigos, El Jefe and El Guapo
The Three Amigos! Rich was actually really excited about this costume idea. The Three Amigos is one of his family’s favorite movies (Note: Rich here. This is true! At my 16th birthday party, I did what every teenager does and at my party showed this 1986 comedy western. AND I was annoyed when people weren’t laughing at all of the jokes! I LOVE this movie.).

Lucky for us, a Three Amigos costume looks an awful lot like a fancy Jessie the Cowgirl outfit.  So we had “three fancy Jessies!” Our first-born was super on board.  And our second-born is generally just excited to be included in anything her older sister gets to do- so she was a big fan as well.  Our third-born . . .  actually wasn’t super stoked about the costume, but all in all it was our best year as far as kid excitement for costumes goes (our worst being the chicken costume, followed very closely by the Statue of Liberty costume).


Our baby’s emotional range: “Alright, I’ll wear your little hat and smile for your little photo” –> “Wait. What do I get out of this?” –> “Nothing?! Whadayamean I’m too young for candy?!” –> “Abort!! This costume is ridiculous!”
And if you want to make your very own Three Amigos costumes (and why wouldn’t you?), here’s how we went about it:

The pants are just $4 yoga pants from Wal-mart.  And the blazers are cotton girl blazers from eBay.  I started with the intent of using boy suits, but they were just too bulky and I wanted them to be fitted.  I cropped and hemmed the jackets to make them boleros.  Oh, and the baby’s is actually just a $2 black shirt from Wal-mart that I cut down the middle and hemmed up.

The “embroidery” is just parts of a lace-y tablecloth we got at GoodWill that we cut up and hot glued onto the costumes (verdict is still out as to whether or not it would have been faster just to sew it on).  And for the baby, Rich used Puffy paint for his top, lace for his pants.


“Which one do you like?” “I like the one that is not so smart.” “. . . Which one is that?”
For the sashes, I just bought half a yard of shiny red fabric and sewed some sashes with Velcro.  For the ties, I cut and sewed strips and Rich hot glued them so they would ruffle.  Also, I made sure to get dress shirt bodysuits (I learned that “bodysuit” is what you call a “onesie” after a child is too old to wear onesies) for all the kids to avoid bunchy-ness and untucking-ness.

The girls’ hats were $7 “adult” hats from eBay.  I would be most disappointed in these had I bought them for myself, as an adult, but for the kids, they were perfect!  (also our kids have abnormally large heads).  And the baby’s hat, also came from eBay, but from a different department . . .


Who wore it better?
Dog photo from ebay
As for the El Jefe and El Guapo costumes, we made our bandoliers by spray painting pasta silver and hot gluing them onto strips of fake leather fabric.  I scored a perfect orange sweater the first time I went searching for one at GoodWill and Rich fabric painted the stripes green for El Guapo’s infamous sweater gift.  I also scored a ladies’ blazer that I sewed into a tailsuit coat for Rich by cropping the front two panels and sewing them onto the back end.

Noodles morphing into bullets. Magic.

Eets a sweater!!
All in all, Three Amigo Halloween was a big success. And a lot of fun. And who knows, maybe they’ll make us famous (or IN-famous, which means MORE than famous).

In some of the pictures I have a mustache, some not. My oldest’s reaction to my mustache: “Mom! Whose beard did you take? . . . What is his name?”
Until next year…..

7 thoughts on “Halloween Three Amigos Style.          Subtitle:  Is It Raining Gringos?

  1. Love the costumes! You guys all look great.
    Rich, I am pretty sure I was at that birthday party. And I am sure I laughed at all the right places.

    1. Faith, I’m 100% sure you were there. And you were likely one of the people who was paying attention and not talking during the movie like some kind of monster.

  2. Those are AWESOME!!!! David has never seen the 3 Amigos. I think he will have to watch it now. You did a super good job!! How long did it take you to make those????

    1. Seriously?! He’s never seen it?! The injustice! We must watch it when we come to visit- it’s so classic. And it didn’t take us long really- we pretty much started Monday night before Halloween- Rich was a trooper though and stayed up late three nights to finish everything.

  3. I’m seriously obsessed with these costumes! You guys are the best! And I also LOVE this movie!! I laugh pretty much the entire movie 🙂 We have to watch this for game night sometime!

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