Fatigue Picture Outtakes

By Celeste

So last week, I wrote this post about how to strengthen your marriage when you’re really, really tired.  The post had been almost done for weeks, so I was super anxious to just get it out already.  The thing that was holding me up was a pin-worthy image. 

I had perused my options on my go-to free image sources and was coming up empty.  I found the perfect image on Fotolia of this nice attractive lady yawning (who I’m pretty sure did NOT just wake up but had her make up a little underdone and tousled hair to confuse the audience).  I can’t post this image because, as I found out, it would cost me $280!!!!  $280?!?!?  For a picture?!?!  C’mon Fotolia, what am I made of internet money?! 

I am not made of internet money. So I squared my shoulders and thought to myself, “Wait a second.  I think I can yawn in a picture can’t I?!” 

Darn straight I can. 

So I asked Rich to help me out.  The kids had just gone to bed and Rich was headed out the door to finish up an experiment at work that night.  But he was such a nice husband and agreed to take my yawning picture so long as it took no longer than 5 minutes.

What you think this masterpiece came about organically??


My mom’s reaction: “I think that is you in that picture…… How did you get those words across your face?” 🙂 Love ya mom.

It did not!  It took the full 5 minutes (maybe more) of my dear husband’s time and patience to create this piece of artistic perfection. 

Anyway, recently when we scroll through our iphoto gallery and this photo shoot comes up, we can’t help but laugh, or at least nose laugh.  I thought it would be somewhat selfish to deny the world some outtakes of this photo shoot.  Nose laugh away.


It was actually really hard to keep a straight face, or an exhausted face I guess. We ended up with a lot of pictures that look like this as well.

6 thoughts on “Fatigue Picture Outtakes

  1. Haha! Those are so cute! And you seriously do look gorgeous in that last picture! I wish I looked that amazing when I’m “tired”!

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