Episode 23: Putting Your Partner on a Pedestal (“She’s So High”)

putting your partner on a pedestal

Wait, this episode is about putting your partner on a pedestal?

Isn’t it a good thing to think highly of your partner? To praise and cherish them?

Yes of course it is.

Unless by putting them up on a pedestal, you are putting yourself down in comparison.

We discuss the dangers of hierarchy and pedestal placement as we offer some therapy to the song “She’s So High” by Tal Bachman today.

And you know that Rich’s high falsetto is coming out full force in his karaoke re-make, which is always a good thing.

Rich’s re-written lyrics:

“My partner’s always shown
They think I’m more than flesh and bone
Act like I’m perfect, like my feet don’t touch the ground
And suuuure enough at first, I really found this flattering
But they treat me like I’m not real and that’s not really flatt’ring no
They think I’m hiiiiigh high above them
And I love them
But I’m not high
I’m just a person, being put on pedestal is friiiiiiightning
I’m not high
High above them

I’m with my partner, lucky me
But due to my insecurity
My partner is better than me in everything
What could a chump like me, ever have to offer?
DissatisFACtion began to grow
And I was really bothered yeahhh
I thought they were hiiiiiiigh high above me
It’s unhealthy
To think they’re hiiiiiiigh
Unrealistic, from the start, these expectaaaaaaations
I thought they were high
High above me.

We’ve come to realize that we
Each have our faults, obviously
But we focus on the good our partner has
We’re lucky we’re to-gether, we want to make this worth it
But it dehumanizes them, to put ’em on a pedestal and worship themmmmmm
Cuz we’re not hiiiiiiigh
High above them
We just love them
We’re not hiiiiiiiigh
We’re worthy of love and respect.”



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