Celeste vs MailChimp.  Subtitle:  Subscribe to Our New Newsletter!

By Celeste

Confession:  I pretty much stopped following any blogs when Google Reader died.  RIP.  I did sign up for Feedly, but just didn’t get in the habit.  Now that I’m a blogger, I’m trying to pick the habit back up. 

I’m very curious to know if/how you follow blogs??  Bloglovin? Facebook? Email subscriptions?  You don’t?

Speaking of email subscriptions. . . I need to apologize to all those who have signed up for our email subscriptions.  I’m fighting a losing battle with MailChimp trying to figure out how to correctly format these emails with the right links.  Every week I think “Ok, I’m going to figure out this email RSS feed thing!!”  And then I go onto the MailChimp website and this pop-up offering to chat with someone to help me keeps playing hide and seek with me.  I think “I need help- I want to chat!” And then the pop-up is like “Psych!” And disappears. Oh how it taunts me.


Two seemingly nice people. Why can’t we get along?

Anyhoo, I’m sure it’s easier than I’m making it out to be, but for now, those emails are just the worst (I know, I get them too), I’m sorry.  But don’t despair!  I’ve decided to re-vamp.  We’re switching to a weekly newsletter.

Newsletter sounds a little formal and reminds me of wasted paper and sadness (because who reads newsletters??  Not I).  Ours is just going to include a small description of all the posts we had that week with the links. 

To sweeten the deal and to make it up to my current subscribers, I’ll include a humorous picture of my child(ren) with every newsletter that cannot be found elsewhere on the internet.  I’m very confident I will be able to pull through with this because I take at least 20 ridiculous pictures of my children every week. 

Par exemple:

This was taken just this morning.  They’re playing that age-old game of “Let’s see how many cards we can stick between our toes.”  A classic.

So if you want this action in your inbox every Friday afternoon (it will show up in the Promotions section if you have gmail), just type in your email address into that box at the bottom of our sidebar (or footer if you’re on your phone) under the words “Subscribe to follow our posts through email!

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