Virtual Date Night

In which we announce a launching of a virtual date night happening next weekend!

By Celeste

Let’s talk date nights.  If you’re anything like us, you probably know that you should be scheduling in date nights with your spouse regularly, but well, life is busy and going out is expensive!  When you add in a babysitter, forget it, we can stay home and watch a movie.  Kinda like we do every night . .  .  (and if you’re REALLY like us it’s not worth going out all that often because we tend to fight about whether or not to go out to eat because . . . different spending habits).

In analyzing our most successful date nights, I came up with three common characteristics: 

  1. They allow us to do something FUN together.
  2. They allow us to be creative together. 
  3. They allow us to laugh together.

These criteria can be kind of hard to meet particularly when you are as lazy and cheap as we are.  So, with these ideas in mind, we decided to help you out and help ourselves out by setting up a . . . . .

Virtual date night!


Next weekend, the weekend of October 23-24 we are launching our first Virtual Date Night!  Wheeeee!!! 

What is a virtual date night you ask?  Good question.  Its where we all get to go on a fun group date together!  Well, at least do the same thing separately and then post pictures of us all doing that same thing.  It’s just like being together!

Here’s how it will work:  I will provide a date night prompt and then you all do the prompt (at home), take a picture of it, email that picture to athingcalledloveblog{at}gmail{dot}com and then one couple will win a prize 🙂

Are you ready for our first date night prompt??  Here we go!

This month, being Halloween, we thought we’d be a little festive with the prompt: 

Come up with a costume with your significant other (and kids/friends if you like) with only objects/clothing already in your house on one of the topics below:

  1. Children’s book
  2. 80s or 90s movie
  3. TV show
  4. Fairy tales/Disney
  5. Awkward family photos

If this seems complicated, let’s break it down into seven easy steps. 

  • Step one:  Tell your spouse you’ve got an awesome and creative date night planned for next weekend- either Friday or Saturday night (or Saturday day if that’s how you roll, we accept all types).  Be psyched.  Tell them to be psyched.
Expect their reaction to be thus.
  • Step two.  When your much anticipated date night has arrived, go to an online random number generator, type in 1-5 and let that random number dictate which costume you’ll be attempting to construct.  (The reason for this is that you’ll probably waste a considerable amount of time with your spouse trying to determine which costume category you’ll tackle.  Also, it’s way more fun if it’s spontaneous and not already thought out)
  • Step three.  Construct an awesome costume using items and clothing around your house.  Laugh, flirt, fall in love all over again.  (This shouldn’t take any longer than an hour.)
  • Step four.  Take a picture of your amazing costume creation.
  • Step five.  Email said picture to athingcalledloveblog{at}gmail{dot}com NO LATER THAN Sunday Oct 25 (along with which category you were shooting for).
  • Step six.  Anxiously await the virtual date night album to appear on this site’s Facebook page so we can all vote on your awesome creation and you can win a prize.
  • Step seven.  Be so happy you just participated in the best date night ever.  Revel in your new found love for your spouse and your life.

On Monday, October 26, I’ll put all the pictures I’ve received onto an album on our site’s Facebook page and we will all vote (via “liking”) our favorite pictures.  If you wish to win and illicit the help of your friends/family with the liking of the picture, I won’t say nay.  Winners will be determined and announced Thursday, October 29.

What’s the prize you might ask?  Excellent question, thank you for asking.  Our lovely sponsor for this virtual date night is Flirty Creations and they are giving away a $40 handmade date night box for free!! 



Twelve fun, affordable and romantic date nights rolled up in this great little wooden chest:

  • 3 date nights cost $30 or under
  • 3 date nights cost $20 or under
  • 6 date nights are FREE!

A total of 12 date night ideas – one for every month of the year!  Labels are customizable (ex:  Date nights for Aaron and Jessica 2016) and they offer free gift wrapping.  A FANTASTIC idea for a Christmas, anniversary, Valentine’s or birthday gift.

And while you’re at their shop, check out these other awesome boxes for marital bonding: sexy date night scroll box and anniversary love quotes scroll box.

So many great gift ideas at this shop- thanks Flirty Creations for sponsoring our virtual date night!

Now mark up those calendars and I’ll see you next weekend!