4 Ways I Unintentionally Harm My Relationship: A Review of Jennifer Finlayson-Fife’s Relationship Course

How I Unintentionally Harm My Relationship | Jennifer Finlayson-Fife's Relationship Course

Before we dive in here I want to let you, my readers know how much I value you. I try to listen to your emails and comments and let your ideas dictate my post topics. And I don’t try to sell you junk. Although, I could. Last week I was offered $200 to promote an electric razor in a post. These opportunities come frequently- whether its a mattress or pizza rolls or various other products. But I don’t pitch those products in my posts because I know it wouldn’t bring you, my readers any value whatsoever and I care about valuing the… Read More

14 Days of Love Letters

14 Days of Love Letters {Marriage Laboratory}

Introducing our love experiment for February as well as our 14 days of love letters challenge. Alright, it’s time to introduce our Marriage Laboratory Experiment of the Month (MLEM if you like- you can remember it because it sounds like phlem). This year all our experiments are based on Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages book and February will be all about . .. . . . WORDS OF AFFIRMATION! Here’s the experiment explained scientific method style: Problem: We feel disconnected from our spouses when we forget to make an effort to connect. Studies have shown our positive to negative interactions… Read More

The Dangerous Myth of Finding Your “Soul Mate”

Assuming that successfully finding your soul mate will set you up for marital bliss is setting your marriage up for disaster. Click through to read how.

Assuming that successfully finding your soul mate will set you up for marital bliss will potentially doom your marriage before it even starts.   Happy to say that Rob from Family: Good Things is back in all his guest-posting glory.  Check out his previous posts here, here and here.  And while you’re checking out things, go ahead and check out his e-book  (3 Things You Can Do Today to Create a Ridiculously Happy Marriage)!   Some of you won’t like what I have to say here. In fact, if you consider yourself “a romantic”, this article might initially anger you.… Read More

Marriage Hack: Write a Marriage Manifesto

This is my marriage manifesto- a set of 10 guidelines and aspirations I've written to remind myself to be the wife I want to be. Click through to read more.

In a nod to Gretchen Rubin, I’ve written my own 10 commandments for my marriage, or my marriage manifesto. Our theme for the month is marriage hacks- helpful tips and tools for your marriage. Last week’s post: Marriage Hack:  Put Yourself Through Therapy  I’ve recently gotten into this great podcast called Happier by Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project) and her sister Elizabeth. In it, Gretchen and Elizabeth talk a lot about manifestos, which are meant to be reminders of the life lessons you’ve learned and aspirations for who you want to become. These manifestos can be for one specific… Read More

Marriage Hack: Put Yourself Through Therapy

The work by Byron Katie can be life-changing. Write down the thoughts that make you miserable and then question them. Click through for more detail.

Write out your negative emotions and what you wish would be different, then ask yourself these four questions by Byron Katie. Our theme for the month is marriage hacks- helpful tips and tools for your marriage. Marriage Hack of the week:  Put Yourself Through Therapy When Your Spouse Bothers You Personally, I think everyone should go to a therapist at some point in their life.  It can be a very healthy place to process negative emotions so they won’t build up in unhealthy ways. But we don’t all have the money, time or inclination to go to therapy, so if… Read More