An Expert’s Guide to Better Communication with your Partner

I’ve polled my audience four times now in order to determine the relationship problems YOU are struggling with. Every time, one problem comes up again and again and again and again:  COMMUNICATION! So when Jamie emailed me about guest posting on how to have better communication with your partner (based on an interview she conducted with Louis Venter), I didn’t hesitate to say YES!   Thanks Jamie!         -Celeste Better Communication with your Partner Communication is one of the most important aspects of any romantic relationship. That said, the majority of couples do not communicate as effectively… Read More

Quality Time Love Language Guide

Five keys to speaking the love language of quality time. I hope I’ve gotten the message across clearly in this blog that I am no marriage expert. I am a FAR cry from a perfect spouse and find it very difficult to put most of what I learn from researching these articles into practice. You said it kid. BUT. There is one area where I am becoming quite an expert and that is how I feel loved. I’m able to articulate how I want Rich to treat me to make me feel the most love. Knowing this is actually a… Read More

Setting Boundaries in Marriage: What Does that Look Like?

What does setting healthy boundaries in marriage look like? We’re often good at getting mad or resentfully accommodating, but usually not so good at setting healthy boundaries. Boundaries. That is a topic I’ve never really addressed on the blog because in all honesty I don’t really know how to think about them. Oh I know how to lay down my desires to get what I want, but I’ve never really had a firm grasp on what setting healthy boundaries looks like exactly. That is, until I’ve spent a lot of time researching it for my upcoming book about mixed-faith marriages (sign… Read More

The Power of Giving Up Having Things My Way

Do you want to be married or do you want to be right?  In this post I go through some situations were I wanted to be right and my marriage reaped the consequences. The theme for the month of September will be all about my personal marriage wins.  Each month I send my email subscribers a “win” I’ve had for the month, so the posts this month are taken directly from those emails I’ve sent out.  My email list is where I get pretty personal, so if you want in on this (and duh, you definitely want in on this), just  sign up right at… Read More

Book Review: For All Eternity

A Review of For All Eternity, a book by John Lund

A review of the book For All Eternity by Dr. John Lund. My friend Sabrina, who posted her Share the Love post with us last month had such great advice that she gleaned from the book For All Eternity that I knew I had to ask her to do a separate book review post.  Even if you don’t think you’ll read the book, you should seriously get in on the advice/overview she’s written for us. This post is littered with gold nuggets of communication wisdom.  Content communicating??  Gold!  Thanks Sabrina! Book:  For All Eternity by Dr. John Lund Reviewer:  Sabrina… Read More