Quality Time Love Language Challenge

The perfect quality time love language experiment! Each night this week, take 10 minutes to connect and talk to each other distraction free! Click through for more details!

Introducing our quality time love experiment for the month- connecting with your spouse for 10 minutes at the end of every day. Alright, it’s almost April and that means its time to introduce our Marriage Laboratory Experiment of the Month (MLEM if you like- you can remember it because it sounds like phlem)! This year all our experiments are based on Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages book and February will be all about . .. . . . QUALITY TIME! Here’s the experiment explained scientific method style: PROBLEM: We’re so BUSY!  We forget to prioritize our most important relationship. Our… Read More

The Kissing Challenge for Married Couples

The Challenge:  Kiss your spouse for six seconds two times a day every day this week. Hypothesis: Stronger connection. Happy feelings. Good times. Rob from Family, Good Things is back guest posting today! Wahoo! And he’s here with a simple yet effective experiment in love for busy couples (hey! that’s your tagline!): the kissing challenge.  Thanks Rob!  – Celeste The Verdict When you were first married you kissed your spouse more often (and longer) than you do now. Your Sentence You need to read this brief article and be willing to do the homework (best homework ever). Warning #1 If… Read More

Couple Goals: What One Goal Will Improve Your Marriage This Year?

Want to set some relationship goals? Be sure to make them specific, measurable, and within your control. Click through to read how!

Want to set some couple goals this year?  If you actually plan on achieving them make sure they are specific, measurable, and within your control.  If not, do your thing. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I am in full-blown New Year resolution mode right now.   Last month I watched this productivity summit as well as an excellent goal-setting webinar (any Michael Hyatt fans out there?) and whoa I am PUMPED for the new year! *fist pump* Those summits were mostly for business-related info, but I’m realizing that the goal-setting information I’ve learned applies perfectly to marriage. Specifically I’m thinking of the… Read More

A Free Gift Your Spouse Will LOVE

Looking for a Christmas gift you KNOW your spouse will love?  Try thinking of something they keep asking you do to and then make a plan to do it!   What are you getting your spouse this year for Christmas?? If you don’t yet have an answer to that question, DON’T DESPAIR!  I too, often procrastinate my gift selections.   And I too, like to be thrifty yet thoughtful in my gift giving. This year get your spouse something free they will actually love:  an act of selfless sacrifice tailor made for what they will appreciate most.   Here’s four steps… Read More

Marriage Hack: Fill Yourself Up with Love

In our attempts to be the best spouse we can be, lets try filling ourselves up with love first.  Love then won’t be able to help itself oozing all over those around us. Our theme for the month is marriage hacks- helpful tips and tools for your marriage.  Recent posts: Marriage Hack:  Put Yourself Through Therapy  Marriage Hack: Write a Marriage Manifesto   In marriage we can often feel so consumed in feeling like our marital progress is being impeded by our SPOUSE. Filling our thoughts with fears and concerns about what our spouse is or isn’t doing for the… Read More