Blending Two Very Different Parenting Approaches

Do you have a more strict or more laid back parenting style than your partner? . . . Great!  Our marriage panel is taking on the question of how to blend different parenting styles. This month’s theme is parenting TOGETHER. Last week I gave you permission to prioritize your spouse over your children. This week, we’ve got our amazing marriage panel answering the question of how to agree on parenting tactics?  Hope you enjoy their wisdom as much as I did! Reader Question: “I would love to pick your panel’s mind about how to blend very different parenting styles. My spouse’s… Read More

Reader Submission/ Life Advice

By Celeste and Rich I was sent this message on Friday: I’ve been wanting (and trying!) to get married for forever (it seems) and thus, doing everything I can to prepare for it, i.e. reading articles/blogs, talking to married ppl, going to marriage prep classes, becoming a better person, dating a lot, etc. But I also have a unique situation where the Lord has told me I need to prepare for a career. So I’ve been working on that the last 3 years and I’ve finally found a career that works for me – counseling. Unfortunately, this requires many more… Read More