Porn Addiction Side Effects

Introducing a great resource researching the side effects of porn addiction. Few things tug at my heart strings more than reading the search terms people type into Google to find my sight.  Particularly when it deals with pornography.   A few examples: “porn addiction help” “how to get husband to stop watching porn” “porn addiction relapse” “husband addicted to porn” “any hope for porn addicts” “my husband had an affair and is addicted to porn” 🙁   See what I mean?  I hosted a series for help with pornography addiction this time last year and have been anxious to re-visit the subject… Read More

What to Do When You Discover Your Spouse’s Pornography Addiction

By Liesel This post is fourth of the 4-part series: Overcoming Pornography Addiction Yesterday we heard from Blake on how he involved and supported his wife Liesel as he tried to overcome his pornography addiction.  Today we hear from Liesel.  Often when a spouse has a pornography addiction, all the attention for recovery goes to the one with the addiction, but being married to someone with an addiction needs it’s own support and recovery!  Liesel will elaborate on both the things that have helped her and things she wished she would have avoided today. I’m so impressed with Blake and Liesel.… Read More

5 Ways To Support Your Marriage While Overcoming a Pornography Addiction

By Blake This post is third of a 4-part series:  Overcoming Pornography Addiction When I came across the blog Couples Against Pornography I was entranced by the first post I read and then the next and the next.  I immediately liked their facebook page AND signed up for their newsletter.  I don’t ever do that, but I’m a BIG time believer in their cause.  Their blog is full of hope, support, success stories and good writing. If there is one, underlying message of their blog it is this:  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Couples all over the world WANT to overcome… Read More

How Our Marriage Survived My Husband’s Pornography Addiction

By Cherae This post is part two of a 4-part series Overcoming Pornography Addiction Yesterday we heard from Brandon about how he is fighting to overcome his pornography addiction.  Today, we hear from his wife, Cherae.  I think I’ve read just about every post on their blog, And So I Fight, and my goodness you guys- this woman is a FIGHTER!  Read this post.  And this one.  So full of hope!  So full of courage and grit.  I’m inspired. Even if your marriage is not facing issues with pornography, Brandon and Cherae’s words can be for us all.  Every marriage… Read More

How I Overcame My Pornography Addiction

How I Overcame My Pornography Addiction

By Brandon This post is part 1 of our series:  Overcoming Pornography Addiction. Today we’re hearing from Brandon of the blog And So I Fight.  I stumbled upon this blog several months ago and I’m so glad I did.  It’s written by Brandon and Cherae, who are fighting for their marriage and inspiring others along the way as they talk openly about their journey through pornography addiction, infedelity and recovery. I’m so impressed with Brandon and Cherae, their honesty and their determination.  Their blog title is perfect- these two are fighters for sure!  I asked Brandon to tell a little… Read More