How to Spend Quality Time With Your Spouse When You’re Rarely Together

If you have limited time together, you need to learn how to make the most of the time you do have together. Here are four ways to do that from couples who have been there. This month we’re talking all about quality time- why its important and how to make the most of it. But what about if you hardly ever see your spouse? How do you spend quality time together when you are rarely together? There’s no doubt about it, rarely seeing our spouse takes a huge toll on our marriages. Its rough. But our marriages aren’t doomed through… Read More

Making Your Time Together Count When You Both Work Full Time.

By Drew This post is part four of the series:  How To Keep Your Marriage Strong When You Never See Your Spouse. We know how crazy a medical resident’s schedule can be- often working all night and then all day and then most of the night again.  So now imagine BOTH you and your spouse are medical residents at the same time.  Yikes.  And then add a pregnancy and a baby in there somewhere.  If anyone knows how to make a marriage work while never seeing each other it’s Katie and Drew.  Sometimes when I’d be trying to get together… Read More

How To Grow Together When You’re Not Together Very Often

By Andrea This post is part three of the series:  How To Keep Your Marriage Strong When You Never See Your Spouse. I’m so excited for you readers.  You are about to read some excellent writing with some even better advice from my good friend Andrea.  I grew up with Andrea (I’m trying really hard not to cave into my temptation to post an embarrassing picture of us circa 1999).  She’s witty, she’s smart and she’s well-versed in the ways of bonding with a husband who is away a lot.  Get excited readers.  Get excited.  This is gonna be good.… Read More

Keeping Your Marriage Strong Despite Your Spouse’s Crazy Work Schedule

Surviving Your Spouse's Crazy Work Schedule

By Amy This post is part two of the series:  How to Keep Your Marriage Strong When You Never See Your Spouse. When I became good friends with Amy a few years back, I was so impressed with how she was raising three small children basically alone day in and day out due to Brett’s crazy work schedule. When I’d ask about it, she’d shrug and be like, “no biggie.”  I greatly admired her ability to not seem the least bit resentful toward her husband or the situation.  Which was vastly different from my own experience of blowing up like… Read More

Six Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage When You Rarely See Your Spouse

By Jessica This post is part one of the series: How To Keep Your Marriage Strong When You Never See Your Spouse. First up in our series, we’ve got Jessica.  The first thing you need to know about Jessica is that she is superwoman.  I’m not sure how any one woman can do so much in a day- homeschooling five kids, volunteering, cooking, cleaning, befriending strangers.  Super powers is the only explanation I can come up with.  Oh and she’s done all this while her husband Ben has been working crazy hours finishing up his medical residency/med school/MBA.  Superwoman.  I… Read More