Everything You Need For An Awesome YouTube Date Night (including LOTS of hilarious video suggestions)

A few weeks ago I posted this post on our Instagram account: I have since been asked by a few of you for video recommendations. Friends, I am SO glad you asked! Rich and I have basically made a surprising full switch from watching Netflix shows at night to watching YouTube clips (I’ll list our favorite channels to follow at the end of this post). They are fast, they are fun and they are PLENTIFUL my friends. Or at least we were watching YouTube clips before our night time got eaten by the Podcast monster (it’s a nice monster, we… Read More

Just for fun: My Husband’s Tweets About Me

Husband's tweets about his wife

It’s been a while since we’ve had just for fun post.  So, just for fun, I thought we’d take a gander at a few of my husband’s tweets that include the word “wife.”  (He doesn’t know I’m doing this 😉 ) Although I do have an account, I am never, ever on twitter.  I don’t understand the shorthand. It all looks like a bunch of linky mumbo-jumbo to me.  Plus its frustrating how many clicks you have to make to follow a conversation.  What am I made of clicks?  Who’s got time for that? In any case, for this reason,… Read More

Merry Christmas 

By Celeste Merry Christmas everyone!  We had a wonderful day here at the house of Davis. I wanted to make a quick post to say I’m taking a bit of a posting break for the month of January in order to focus on some more technical advances to the blog. I’ll leave you with this video to bring the Spirit of Christmas right on in: Also, our Christmas card this year 🙂  : Merry Christmas!  See you in February! Add a Comment

How to Rock the Family Halloween Costume

How to ROCK the family Halloween costume. Lots of creative costume ideas included. This family knows Halloween.

Tips and tricks to rock the family Halloween costume with minimal effort, cost and awkwardness. Lots of creative costume ideas included.  By Celeste I honestly never would have guessed that Halloween costumes would have become our family’s “thing.”  It just sort of happened. We had one good costume (the chicken costume year) and then the bar was set and people sort of expected it of us every year.  Then, when our Christmas Story costume went viral on Pinterest.  Well . . . the bar has become pretty high. But its fun.  And actually, it has become something that strengthens our… Read More

Just For Fun:  Funny Things My Kids Say

Funny Things My Kids Say

Sometimes talking about marital problems can be a bit . . . heavy.  Just like in a marriage, keeping a good sense of humor can do wonders for your happiness together.  So, occasionally, I like to post things that don’t really have much to do with marriage in an effort to keep things light (for more frivolity check out our other “just for fun” posts here.) On that note, I present you with some funny things my kids have said recently (all taken from my Facebook statuses in the past few months): I recently asked my kids what they want to be when… Read More