Marriage is Work. Here’s How to MAKE it Work.  

By Jed Rasmussen Jed and Tawnya have a FANTASTIC marriage.  Seriously, just watching them at random moments together, you can feel how sweet they are with each other.  We’ve been camping with them, and I don’t know if you’ve ever been camping before, but in case you haven’t, I’ll tell you that tent walls are very thin.  If there is any marital discord to be heard, the tent walls do not disguise it.  But we heard nothing of the sort.  Just niceness.  I knew we needed their wisdom, so I asked them to guest post.  Also, I am told that… Read More

Strengthening Marriage While Transitioning Into Parenthood

Strengthening Marriage while Transitioning Into Parenthood

By:  Claire Cervino This is my e-friend Claire.  Isn’t she and her little family the cutest?!  She crafts, she cooks, she’s an attorney- she’s pretty much superwoman.  Reading her blog, you can tell she has an excellent relationship with her husband, so I knew we needed to gain some of her wisdom and asked her to guest post.  They just had their first child six months ago, which can be a super rough transition.  Here’s some awesome tips on how to make it easier.    -Celeste Hi friends, my name is Claire and I’m happy to be here on A Thing… Read More

Dear Daughter, True Love is Hard.  But Falling in Love is Easy.

Dear Daughter, Falling in Love is Easy, but true love is hard.

By Eve Tuft I had Eve in mind to write this post for a long time now.  She mentions this in her post, but once upon a time when Eve still lived in Iowa (boo- come back!), she and I worked with the youth together.  She gave a lesson one time to the teenage girls and asked “Do you think it’s easy to fall in love?” And thinking the answer was going to be, “No! Marriage is HARD!”  They all chimed, “No”  And Eve was all “Heck yes it’s easy to fall in love!!  It’s hard to STAY in love.”… Read More

Share the Love:  Chelsea and Joe

Share the Love Marriage series. Sharing one love story at a time.

Celeste here. I’ve never been much of a collector.  I had a decent collection of old Yoplait lids I had meant to send in (to benefit breast cancer?) at one point, but those didn’t really pan out….  But I’m starting a new collection!  I’ve decided to be a collector of love stories.  What better thing to collect, right?! With that, allow me to introduce a new series:  Share the Love I even made a sign! So fancy! In Share the Love posts, couples will be answering 3 questions:  1.  What is your love story? 2.  What is your favorite thing… Read More

The Division of Labor

How to Divide up Chores Without Fighting

How to Divide up Chores with Your Spouse without Fighting By:  Angela Imagine someone who you just KNOW is super busy. As in, they have a million and one things to take care of. And yet, you always see them not only taking on more tasks, volunteering willingly to do things for other people, but then succeeding, THRIVING at them. That’s the kind of person Angela is. She and her husband have it together and they manage to be incredibly nice, down-to-earth people while doing it. I’m SO grateful that Angela was willing to write this because everyone needs more… Read More