How Should Newly Weds Handle Their Finances?

How to Handle Your Finances as Newlyweds

By being honest, creating a strict budget and discussing financial goals together, you will be well on your way to successfully handling your finances as newlyweds. By Ainsley Selene Allow me to introduce you to Ainsley- a guru of finances and investments.  Today she is talking to us about how to figure out what to do with your finances as newlyweds.  It can be a big step to suddenly be responsible and accountable to someone else with your spending, but Ainsley is here to help us ease that transition.  Wise words.  Thanks Ainsley!   – Celeste   A new chapter in… Read More

Alright alright . . . we’ll start a budget.

Finances and Marriage, don't let it ruin yours

By Celeste What a great series we’ve had on marriage and finance!  I just wanted to wrap things up by giving my two cents (pun intended) and also a public commitment to doing better about our own finances.   When I first thought of this series (well actually a reader requested we hit on this topic and he was right to do so) I wanted to hit on all different topics relating to marriage and finance.  I wanted to talk about what to do if you’re a spender and your spouse is a saver or vice versa, how to strengthen… Read More

Wanting What You’ve Got

By Angela This post is part four of the 4 part series:  Finances and Marriage. When I asked Angela to write a post on finances and marriage, I actually knew nothing of their financial habits.  But I just had this hunch that this was a strength of theirs.  I think my hunch was right.  Angela is on top of things.  I knew she would steer us well in matters of money.  I’m hoping I can apply her counsel to our own finances and be a little better at wanting what we’ve got. For more of Angela’s wisdom, see her post… Read More

How to Finally Create a Budget You and Your Spouse Can Stick to

How to Finally Create the Budget You and Your Spouse Can Stick to

 By Eean Crawford This post is third of a four-part series:  Finances and Marriage. For this series, I really wanted to say not just, “Hey it’s important to work out your finances with your spouse.” I do want to say that, but I also want to show HOW to do that.  Like, really, hold your hand through the process of working out your finances together with your spouse.  The only problem is, I don’t know how to do that. Thank goodness this blog is collaborative.  Eean is a business professor at the University of Iowa.  He’s also a good friend… Read More

Married on a Budget

Strengthen Your Marriage Without Spending Money

By Lynne This post is part two of a 4-part series:  Marriage and Finances When I asked Lynne to guest post on the topic of marriage and finances, she said, “Well . . . we’re not really the average couple when it comes to spending money.”  I said, “I know!!  That’s why I want you to guest post!”  Lynne and Brian seriously might be the most frugal people I’ve ever met.  Sometimes when I meet people who are super good at money management, it makes me feel guilty for not being better about it, but Lynne doesn’t make me feel… Read More