Everything You Need For An Awesome YouTube Date Night (including LOTS of hilarious video suggestions)

A few weeks ago I posted this post on our Instagram account:

hilarious youtube video suggestions

I have since been asked by a few of you for video recommendations.

Friends, I am SO glad you asked!

Rich and I have basically made a surprising full switch from watching Netflix shows at night to watching YouTube clips (I’ll list our favorite channels to follow at the end of this post). They are fast, they are fun and they are PLENTIFUL my friends.

Or at least we were watching YouTube clips before our night time got eaten by the Podcast monster (it’s a nice monster, we like him, but he is hungry for our time- follow our podcast here!)

Hilarious YouTube Videos List! Click through to read how to host your own epic YouTube date night

Anyway, life pre-podcast was basically a YouTube date night every night, but if you want to make a special night of it or if you are getting together with another couple, I highly recommend using the everybody picks a video from a category format. Like so:

Step 1- Select your preferred categories of shows/YouTube content. (see our categories below for ideas).

Step 2- Each person take a turn selecting a video clip from the category at hand and play it for the enjoyment of all.

Step 3- Repeat step 3 until all categories have been run through

Step 4- laugh and laugh and laugh. Return to your life renewed with mirth and merriment.

So. Set a date, select some categories, find YOUR favorites in each category and laugh until you cry!

Or, you can just sit down together and watch our favorite videos, which I have so painstakingly included in this post.

Its going to be a good time either way.

Here are a few of the categories we use. I will post my top three in each category. But know reader, that it is VERY hard for me not to post more in most or all of these categories. VERY HARD!!

Random Hilarious YouTube Videos

Drunk baby.

I just have to start with this one because, it miiiiiight be my all time favorite. I can never NOT laugh while watching it. Impossible.

Taylor Swift and the goat.

An oldie but goodie. Gets me every time.

Silent Dancing in the Street

Someone, a comedic genius we’ll call him, removed the sound from the music video Dancing in the Street with David Bowie and Mick Jagger and recorded what the street may have sounded like without the music, making the dancing all the more hilarious.

Ok, I feel like I am seriously doing the internet an injustice here, PLEASE comment with your favorite random hilarious YouTube video.

Saturday Night Live Clips

I’m just going to assume that you can google the classic SNL favorites (Kristin Wiig in the Lawrence Welk bit, more cowbell, Stephan, etc) and I’ll put just a few of my personal, lesser appreciated favorites. This category particularly is SO HARD not to do more.

Weekend Update: Cecilia Gimenez on Ruining a Portrait of Jesus

I don’t know what it is about this clip, but it is so funny to me.

Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why the Caged Bird Laughs!” Prank Show

National Anthem

I love Maya Rudolph forever and ever amen.

A few more faves: Googly Eyes Christopher Walken, Amazon Echo, Almost Pizza, The Closet Organizer, Liza Mennelli turns off a lamp, Jar Glove, all the Bronx Beats, Debbie Downer, La Policia Mexicana.

Late Night Comedy Clips

Lip Syncing with Will Ferrell

If there had been water in my mouth while I watched this for the first time, I would have spewed it all over our laptop for sure when he came out with his Elsa swagger. Couldn’t keep the laughs in.

Toddlers and Tiaras with Tom Hanks


Kid Theater with Jack Black

I love all the kid theater segments. The idea is that kids take just the names of a movie and write a story script of what they think that movie is about. Then the star of the movie reads the script with Jimmy Fallon. Always funny.

Honorable mentions: Peter and His Heckler (with Will Ferrell again), Carpool Karaoke on Corden, all the lip sync battles on Fallon, and a million more I’m forgetting.

News Bloopers

Mount Everest

He’s what now?

The Small Desert Lizard

From my hometown news station . . . a classic.

Zombie kid likes turtles

Good times here at the Waterfront Village!

Funny Animal Clips

Goats screaming like humans

More screaming goats. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Cat doesn’t finish his vegetables

Finish this one to the end- so funny. And while you’re at it – look up all the guilty cat videos- YouTube has such an excellent selection.

Dog sounds like a siren

I include this one more for sheer talent than humor value.

You could spend the rest of your life looking at funny animal clips on YouTube and still not exhaust your supply. Link to your favorites in the comments!

Stand Up Comedy

Tig Notaro No Moleste

Not tonight, thanks.

John Mulaney Realtors

This is a garbage can . . . . or a nursery.

Gary Gulman In This Economy

I love Gary Gulman.

We also enjoy the work of Pete Holmes, Jim Gaffigan, Ryan Hamilton and Mike Birbilglia.

Good Mythical Morning

Ok, this category may seem out of place since its possible you’ve never even heard of the popular YouTube show Good Mythical Morning. And if so, this is your lucky day! Welcome to our favorite YouTube channel!

Seriously, Rich and I started watching Rhett and Link just about a year ago and they have since probably taken over a solid 70% of our media consumption together. We think they are funny. Plus they have over 1300 episodes, so the fun never stops!

Will it Cookie?

Had to include a “Will It” when linking to GMM. These guys eat some weird stuff.

Kelsie Ballerini Online Complaint Country Songs

Don’t be turned off from the potty humor in the thumbnail (as I would). These are online complaints put to improv songs. So good.

How to dance to attract girls

Honorable mentions: The Safest Way to Walk, Tinder: The Musical, Can You Eat That?, Christmas Song Challenge with Jack Black, Guess that Laugh with Zach Braff, What’s She Screaming About?, Dance Battle with Lindsey Stirling (and part 2), Giant Cereal Bowl Bath, What Animal is Licking My Face?, Snake Yoga

Arrested Development Clips

I don’t understand the question and I won’t respond to it.

We quote this frequently. Lucille is my favorite character.

Have You Ever Even Seen a Chicken?


And that’s why you always leave a note

Honorable mentions: All the Charlie Brown Walks, George Michael’s muscle suit, Lucielle’s reactions to Jean Parmesan, Star Wars kid, Mrs. Featherbottom, the “loose seal” and all the subsequent hand jokes. Oh man, so many good ones.

Ok, that’s enough for today. Other categories we’ve used or you could use: 30 Rock Clips, Parks and Rec Clips, Community Clips, Ellen (SO many funny Ellen clips), Drunk History, Bad Lip Reading or America’s Funniest Videos.

And here are some of our favorite YouTube Channels to follow:

  • Good Mythical Morning. Obvs. See homage above.
  • SloMo Guys. This one is great for the whole family. We enjoy watching all together after dinner sometimes. Our kids LOVE the SloMo guys. The videos are interesting and funny.
  • Binging with Babish. I think this is the channel that really got us going on YouTube (and introduced us to GMM). Its a guy who makes food from TV shows and movies.
  • Bad Lip Reading. Classic. This one could have its own category above for sure.
  • How it Should Have Ended. Such a funny way to document huge plot holes in movies.
  • Cinefix.  They’ve got a lot of segments going on. Our favorite is where they remake movie trailers with household objects – equally impressive and funny. We also like their “Things You Didn’t Know” segments about movies.
  • Homemade Wanderlust. This one isn’t a funny one, it’s just a girl named Dixie who goes on “through hikes” (Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, etc) for months at a time and documents her week every week in 15 minute videos. Rich and I watch like we would a TV series and pretend like we don’t have any kids and are hard-core hikers.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some. What are your favorite YouTube Channels to follow. Help our community out and let us know in the comments!



Dear single friends, go for the nice one

The traits we find appealing in a companion when we’re single are often not the traits that make for a successful relationship.  Single friends, go for the nice one.


Recently I got together with a big group of old friends.  Pretty quickly the conversation turned to the love lives of the single ladies in the group for analysis.  (Their lives do tend to have more interesting updates.  I think my contribution involved updating the group on the status of my daughter’s war on vegetables (she’s winning)).

I was taken back by two of my friends who were both facing the dilemma of having to decide between “the nice guy” who was really into them, reliable, sweet and a new guy who was less reliable,  didn’t treat them super awesome, but was hot and very exciting!

I was further taken back when everyone’s advice was “go for the new guy!!!”

In my head I was thinking, “What!?  Go for the nice guy!  You’ll thank yourself in 10 years.”

Dear single friends, go for the nice guy.

via Celovetalk

I’ve mentioned before the discrepancy between who you ARE getting dating advice from (other single people) and who you SHOULD be getting dating advice from (people who are in stable, successful long-term relationships ).  Unfortunately, there just isn’t a lot of relationship advice being shared between the two groups generally speaking.

So, single people, if you are facing the decision between the “nice guy” and the less nice but exciting guy, here is some advice from one who has been happily married for almost eight years, GO FOR THE NICE ONE!

For you visual learners, here is a graph I’ve made based on zero scientific evidence other than my own observations of the qualities that are important in a companion when you are choosing someone to date:

Important Qualities in a Significant Other Considered When Dating

And here is a graph depicting the qualities that are important when you have been married for some time:

Important Qualities in a Spouse.  Dear Single friends, go for the nice one.

Notice any discrepancies?

Ok so I may have exaggerated some of those numbers to make a point (air your grievances in the comment section), and I’ll be honest and say that I never would have admitted my graph looked like the first chart when I was single, but the truth was I had a real hard time saying no to dating someone who flattered me (which had a lot to do with coolness and attractiveness factors) even when I knew they weren’t the best long-term relationship material.

The problem there is that you tend to end up in long-term relationships with the people you date.  Funny how that works.

The point is that your partner’s attractiveness, humor and brains might have a big impact on your daily life years down the road.  They really might.  But they also might not.  However, your spouse’s kindness will absolutely have a daily impact.

For instance, when your child is screaming at 3:00am, you want a spouse who will share in getting up and comforting your child rather than always leaving it up to you.  You want a spouse who is going to really listen to your side of things when you disagree about how many kids to have or where to live or what to do that weekend or what show to watch together.  You want a spouse who will step in and do the dishes when you are exhausted even though its your turn.  You want a spouse who deeply cares when you are upset and wants to alleviate your pain.

And if you don’t believe me, believe science!  The king of marriage research, Dr. John Gottman through decades of studies is actually able to predict whether or not a couple will be divorced in six years time by observing them in his “love lab” with, get this, 94% accuracy!!  Say what?  That kind of accuracy just does not happen in psychology.

And guess what he says are the two basic traits that determine whether a relationship will last or not??? . . . . . . Tell us Celeste tell us!!!

Ok, I’ll tell you, it’s KINDNESS and GENEROSITY.

Now am I saying you have to be stuck with some boring dud forever to be happy?  No.  Am I saying attraction isn’t an important consideration at all?  No.  Do I think ALL nice guys are going to be better spouses than ALL cool guys?  Of course not (also thankfully cool and nice are not mutually exclusive traits).  So while it is true that marriage can work if both parties are committed to making it work, its just going to be a heck of a lot easier with some people and harder with others.


I’m just asking you to consider your daily life ten, twenty years down the road and choose a person who will be mostly likely to treat you with kindness and compassion.

This decision will pay off BIG TIME.

Trust me.

Dear single friends, go for the nice one.


What do you think?  What did I leave out or how would your charts look different?  Married people, do you agree or disagree??