Just for fun: My Husband’s Tweets About Me

Husband's tweets about his wife

It’s been a while since we’ve had just for fun post.  So, just for fun, I thought we’d take a gander at a few of my husband’s tweets that include the word “wife.”  (He doesn’t know I’m doing this 😉 ) Although I do have an account, I am never, ever on twitter.  I don’t understand the shorthand. It all looks like a bunch of linky mumbo-jumbo to me.  Plus its frustrating how many clicks you have to make to follow a conversation.  What am I made of clicks?  Who’s got time for that? In any case, for this reason,… Read More

Reader Submission/ Life Advice

By Celeste and Rich I was sent this message on Friday: I’ve been wanting (and trying!) to get married for forever (it seems) and thus, doing everything I can to prepare for it, i.e. reading articles/blogs, talking to married ppl, going to marriage prep classes, becoming a better person, dating a lot, etc. But I also have a unique situation where the Lord has told me I need to prepare for a career. So I’ve been working on that the last 3 years and I’ve finally found a career that works for me – counseling. Unfortunately, this requires many more… Read More