Ask the PANEL

Introducing a new series where readers can write in marriage questions and a panel will answer them. Each month, I receive emails from people I do not know asking me for marriage advice. This always takes me back a minute, “Wait, a sec, why are they asking me?” Oh right because I run a marriage blog. I don’t think I’m being asked because of who I am but because people probably don’t really have anyone else TO ask. (and if you’ve ever emailed me with a marriage question THANK YOU- you are why I write this blog) I’m realizing that… Read More

A Post . . . with benefits ;)

In which I ask you to answer just one question about your sex life for an upcoming post. By Celeste A little sneak preview:  in a few weeks we’ll be hosting a series on strengthening marriage by improving marital intimacy.  I’ve been avoiding this topic since I still blush like a third grader when I have to say the word “sex.”  However, as a few people who have emailed me have noted, it is a bit of a hole in my marriage blog topic repertoire. So, we’re going to tackle it.  But I need your help.  I’m about to ask… Read More

Advice Needed:  How to Best Bond with Your Spouse

How to Best Bond With Spouse at Night

What’s the best part of your day?  Mine is easy.  When we finally finished the bedtime marathon; all the waters have been drunk, the songs sung, the stories read, the prayers said, the hugs and kisses dished out, and Rich and I shut the door and give each other that raised-eyebrows I-can’t-believe-how-long-that-takes-every-night look.  And we go downstairs and raid the kitchen for the junkiest thing in the house (which unless it’s the day of grocery shopping is usually something lame like hot chocolate because all the best junk was consumed the night of grocery shopping) and open the laptop to… Read More