DIY Anniversary Gifts. Free and Sappy Gifts (that we’ve actually made).

19 of our most successful DIY anniversary gifts. Your guide to free, sappy and creative gift giving (also good for birthdays and Christmas). I’ve been doing some research for this post. I’ve been searching for some top-notch anniversary gifts guides. Guys, the internet is letting us down in this realm big time. Every search result for “anniversary gifts” or “birthday gifts for spouse” or something along those lines keep coming back with a list of PRODUCTS. And who likes products? Ok, we all love products. The problem with these gift guides is that those writers don’t know your spouse, so… Read More

June Love Experiment Recap: GIFT GIVING

What happens when you give your spouse a gift every week for a month? Good things. Good things happen. We just wrapped up our love experiment for the month- giving them a gift every week for a month. This challenge is based on Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages, specifically the love language of gifts. Time for a re-cap! Well, if you’ve read my last two love language challenge recaps: words of affirmation and quality time, you’ll be noticing a pattern that these challenges are always more challenging for me to complete than I thought they would be. This… Read More

Creative Gift Ideas for Her: Come Learn from the Master

When I thought about what posts to write for gifts month, I knew, I just knew I had to ask my friends Shelly and Jershon to guest post (again. check out their creative date ideas here). They are the most creative gift-givers I’ve encountered. And I like to think I‘m no stranger to creative gifts. Shelly is playing it modest in this post by highlighting Jershon’s gifts to her, but make no mistake, she is no amateur creative gift-giver herself. Proof: she created a holiday called “The best husband in the world day,” which they celebrate annually. Take it away… Read More

46 Just Because Gift Ideas to Make Your Spouse’s Day

Ever want to brighten your spouse’s day just because? Me too. Here are 46 just because gift ideas guaranteed to make your spouse’s day. Our love experiment this month is all about speaking the love language of gifts. Specifically, to give your spouse a gift every Friday for a month. Between anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day and Christmas, we do tend to have many occasions to get “big” items, and I’ll be offering some great ideas on those types of gifts next week, but today, I want to talk about little gifts. Small, and simple stuff. Just because stuff.… Read More

Gift Giving Love Language Challenge

Gift giving love language challenge

Introducing our love experiment for the month- giving a gift to your spouse every Friday for a month. Alright, it is June and that means its time to introduce our Marriage Laboratory Experiment of the Month (MLEM if you like- you can remember it because it sounds like phlem)! This year all our experiments are based on Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages book and February will be all about . .. . . . GIFTS! The challenge is to give your spouse a little gift every Friday for a month. The biggest roadblock I see forming in your head (and… Read More