100 Love Note Prompts (Best Gift Ever!)

Love Note Prompts: Best list of love letter prompts on the internet! Best anniversary, birthday or Christmas gift Ever!

Best list of love note prompts on the Internet! Guaranteed to fill your partner’s love tank. A few years ago, Rich spent two months in Brazil for work. Since we had two little kids (and I was pregnant!) and alone, our connection normally would have taken a big hit during this time. Rich was busy and stressed with the responsibility of getting all his experiments to work in rural conditions. I was busy and stressed with a one year old and a three year old. But despite the busyness, despite the stress we both felt, this two-month was a period… Read More

Want Your Life to Be More Magical?

sex is magical

Have you ever had those moments in life that feel so transcendent that you can only describe them as other-worldly? As magical?⠀ ⠀ When I write something that I know didn’t come from me. When my baby looks at me and I allow myself to be swept up in the magic of an infant. When someone tells me that something I said changed their life for the better. Watching one of my kids gain the confidence that comes from mastering a new skill. Those family moments where everyone is laughing or playing together and time seems to go on slow… Read More

DIY Anniversary Gifts. Free and Sappy Gifts (that we’ve actually made).

19 of our most successful DIY anniversary gifts. Your guide to free, sappy and creative gift giving (also good for birthdays and Christmas). I’ve been doing some research for this post. I’ve been searching for some top-notch anniversary gifts guides. Guys, the internet is letting us down in this realm big time. Every search result for “anniversary gifts” or “birthday gifts for spouse” or something along those lines keep coming back with a list of PRODUCTS. And who likes products? Ok, we all love products. The problem with these gift guides is that those writers don’t know your spouse, so… Read More

November Love Experiment Recap: SERVICE

What happens when you do every favor asked of you by your partner for a month? Good things. Good things happen. We just wrapped up our love experiment for the month- asking your spouse what you can do for them each week and then doing every thing asked of you. This challenge is based on Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages, specifically the love language of gifts. Time for a re-cap! If you’ve read any of my past love language challenge recaps, words of affirmation quality time gifts physical touch You might notice a pattern that these experiments are… Read More

46 Loving Acts Guaranteed to Turn Your Partner’s Frown Upside Down

The topic of the month is service here at Marriage Laboratory, and the challenge of the month is to ask your spouse what loving acts you can do for them each week and then do it. But what if your spouse (like mine) can’t think of anything? Or says something like, “Maybe keep the door closed when you’re going to the bathroom?” (. . .happened to a . . . friend of mine . . . .) Or what if your spouse had a hard week and you’re just looking for a way to make them smile again? Then why… Read More