A Post . . . with benefits ;)

In which I ask you to answer just one question about your sex life for an upcoming post.

By Celeste

A little sneak preview:  in a few weeks we’ll be hosting a series on strengthening marriage by improving marital intimacy.  I’ve been avoiding this topic since I still blush like a third grader when I have to say the word “sex.”  However, as a few people who have emailed me have noted, it is a bit of a hole in my marriage blog topic repertoire.

So, we’re going to tackle it.  But I need your help.  I’m about to ask you for a favor.  I know you’ve all had some challenges, ahem, in the bedroom as well as opportunities to overcome these challenges.  I’m wondering if you’d be willing to share them with me?  Anonymously of course.

Google tells me that the most common argument between husbands and wives regarding intimacy is the frequency of sex.  I’m sure most all of you guys have dealt with this issue to some extent in your marriage.  Your experience could help others!  So, would you mind helping me out and typing below anything that has helped you and your spouse work out any differences you have in the frequency of which you want sex??