Episode 9: The Happiness Trap (“If It Makes You Happy”) Featuring Amanda Louder Show Notes

The Happiness Trap podcast

“If it makes you happy, is it really that bad?”

So sings Sheryl Crow in her hit song, “If It Makes You Happy.” Many people think if it makes you happy, then do it, no questions asked. But often the things that make us happy are the things that are bad for us (I’m looking at you Oreos).

It all depends on how we define happiness, what our expectations for happiness are and maintaining the ability to be unhappy sometimes.

These are a few of the topics we cover in today’s episode, The Happiness Trap.

We are thrilled to have life coach Amanda Louder as our guest today who knows a thing or two about happiness (and when is it normal to be unhappy in a relationship and when is it unhealthy) since she has been through a divorce, a remarriage and is now working to making a happy blended family.

Now, she helps other women who are wondering whether to get divorced or stayed married (or who are already divorced) figure out what happiness looks like for them.

Give it a listen and let us know your own thoughts on happiness!

Show Notes

Hire Amanda or sign up for a free session right here.

Follow Amanda on Instagram here.

Read my recent happiness article here.


And here are Rich’s much improved, much healthier lyrics:

“I was wrong, a long time round here
Put on my headphones, played me some Halo
Stayed up till about 4am
I went searching
For hobbies and interests
The second they bored me
I dropped them for more we
Just try to get distracted again

Well okay, I was in a rut
I realized I needed more than this stuff

It’s not ENOUGH to be happy
Because soon you feel sad
It’s not ENOUGH to be happy
Then where will you be if things go bad?

Soon I felt down, reeeeal low down
I was totally reeling, couldn’t manage my feelings
Felt-like-a FAILURE, gave my partner the blame
I came around, around the hard way
Cuz being SAD’s not a crisis, I opened my eyes – this
Is BETTER in the long run for sure

It’s okay, to feel low
I’m not AFRAID of short-term stress cuz I know

It’s not ENOUGH to be happy
Make-progress your goal insteeeeead
It’s not bad to feel happy
But progress is a better mind set.

It’s not ENOUGH to be happy
Progress is my goal insteeeeeead
Long term I AM more happy
Cuz progress is a better mind set.”
And I hope that this music video of Sheryl Crow in a natural history museum of some sort (what is this randomness?) makes YOU happy today friend:

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