Episode 5: Weekly Marriage Check In (“Say Something”) Featuring Shelly and Jershon Lopez Show Notes

Weekly Marriage Check In

How do you bring up hard conversations with your spouse? How can you prevent huge blow ups over miscommunications? How can you nip your problems in the bud before they become big problems?

Three words: Weekly Marriage Check-In (or is that four words???).

Hold a safe and consistent time and place each week for both gratitude and hard conversations. This will help with SO many communication problems.  Rich and I are going to detail how we do this and how it has helped us in this week’s podcast.

In this episode, we are giving some therapy to the song “Say Something” by A Great Big World (spoiler alert, we’re going to suggest they SAY SOMETHING each week 🙂 ). Rich has a real fun re-make karaoke version of the song that made me laugh quite a lot.

AND AND! We are interviewing Shelly and Jershon Lopez who also hold weekly marriage check ins (aka companionship inventory, aka marriage meeting) to hear how they do things. And they do things well my friends. We were taking notes.

Our challenge for you is to try out weekly marriage check ins for ONE MONTH! (even if you are doing it by yourself 🙂 )



Show Notes:

My post outlining in more detail all about weekly marriage check ins.

Shelly’s blog Good Morning Shelly.

Shelly’s Instagram account.


And if you’re in the mood for a bit of a tear-jerker, here is A Great Big World’s music video of Say Something:

And here is how we improved the lyrics:

Say something, we don’t talk anymore
And I’m sorry you always seem mad or sore

Anything I say it comes out wrong
SAY something I-DON’T know how to go on …

Say something I’ll tell you what to do
Helps us talk without fighting it might help you too

First thing to do is to schedule when
Do it weekly, don’t wait till you blow up again

And I, will use the phrase “I feel”
Never say “You always do blank…”
keepin’ it real

And I am feeling so heard
When you say back what I said,
in your own words

I’ll say something, say nice things ’bout you
Say why I’m grateful to be with you

Every time I’ll listen carefully
And work out our problems mutually

Say something, it can be hard to do
But I promise that this can pay off for you

In the end you will be glad you do Whoa oh ooooo
I’ll say something cuz I’m in love you with

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