Episode 4: Bad Days (“Bad Day”) Show Notes

Partner's Bad Day. What to do when your partner is having a bad day? Listen to this podcast to find out!

What to do when your partner is having a bad day? Take it personally? Take responsibility for it? Cry in the fetal position until they are happy again?

In today’s episode, we are talking about the do’s and don’ts of how to react to our partners’ bad days. (spoiler- taking it personally, taking responsibility for it and crying in the fetal position are all on the DON’T list 🙂 )

We are therapizing one hit wonder Daniel Powter’s one hit song, Bad Day and of course Rich sings a delightful and more emotionally healthy karaoke version of the song at the end of the episode (lyrics at the bottom of this post).

We also decided to start a new segment called, “Rich sings our reviews on ITunes” where Rich sings our reviews from ITunes! I mean can this podcast BE any more fun?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

You can listen right here:

Or you can listen (and subscribe!) on ITunes right here. And if you have a non-Apple phone (like me), we recommend the apps Spotify, Stitcher or Podbean for easy subscribing (just search “Marriage Theraoke” and we’ll come right up).

Show Notes

Here is a great article on emotional fusion.


And in case YOU’RE having a bad day, I’ll leave you with this music video of “Bad Day” to cheer you up. (Seeing depressed people on the subway always cheers people up right?)

And here is our version:

I see your face, and I know instantly
That something is off, it’s apparent to me.
It seems that your blue sky’s turned to gray
Your normal good mood’s gone away
And I’d like to know what’s going oooooon

Did you get in a fight? Did somethin’ happen that’s tragic?
But your answers are all so monosyllabic
It me hurts to see you in this mood
Hurts even more when you’re so rude
It’s pretty clear what’s going ooooon

Seems you’ve had a bad day
Maybe the worst
But I’m gunna take care of myself first
I’ll be here for you
I’ll do what I can
Regulatin’ my SELF is step one of the plan
You had a bad day
I’ll give you some room
I hope you feel like yourself soon
Even if you can’t say
I see you had a bad day

You need something I can provide?
The point is I’ll be here by your side.
And that is what is going ooooooooon

Seems you had a bad day
I can tell from your tone
You wanna talk it on out
Or spend time alone
It would help me a lot
If you could explain
The root of the problem causing you pain
But you had a bad day
And that can be tough
Just do your best, hey that’s enough
It’ll turn out okay
It just was bad day.



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