Episode 26: Kids Over Marriage (“There Goes My Life”) Ft. Becky Squire Show Notes


kids over marriage

Two firsts in Marriage Theraoke history today: 1. We tackling children (the topic, not actual children) and 2. We are tackling country music!

First up, children.

Ideally, there would never be any conflict between our children and our marriage and everyone would get along in blissful harmony.

In reality, our children CAN and often do put a wedge in our marriages.

Either by prioritizing them above our marriage, disagreeing about parenting or just plain busyness and exhaustion.

Today we are talking about putting our marriage first with our guest Becky Squire!

And you better believe Rich harnesses his inner cowboy for the karaoke remake of this one! 

Show Notes:

Beckysquire.com (Becky’s blog)

Becky’s Instagram

Becky’s article called Why You Should Put Your Spouse Before Your Children

Becky’s article Your Husband Has 5 Basic Needs- Are You Meeting Them?

Becky’s article Your Wife Has 5 Basic Needs – Are You Meeting Them?

Rich’s Re-Written Lyrics:

“He watched his daughter drive away. Looked out the window and wiped a tear
Kinda implied that his life was over
His wife said, “you know that’s sweet but weird
You and I are still here…

She said: “I’m not here to criticize, but a thing we sometimes did
Was to spend our time, energy
Focused totally on our kid
Oh well.
But now we try to do more
And start to say…

“There goes my wife
Or There goes my husband, they’re everything
Gonna focus on them tonight
There goes my wife

So when you’re more than just “two of us”
Don’t forget your partner’s needs
Don’t undermine throw them under the bus
Give them some of your energy
And time…

Little things can mean a lot
Like greeting them when you walk through the door
I’m not saying “forget your kids”
But for your spouse needs your support

So start to say
“There goes my wife”
Or “There goes my husband, they’re everything
Gonna focus on them alright
There goes my wife”

And the iconic music video:


2 thoughts on “Episode 26: Kids Over Marriage (“There Goes My Life”) Ft. Becky Squire Show Notes

  1. I LOVE you guys! I listen every week and I so enjoy this podcast! Celeste, you really have such a way with words and ideas to help people and Rich, you could honestly have a side job as a singer. Your range is amazing and that country song definitely had some great twangy feel to it! Miss seeing you guys on our drives out West. Take care!!

  2. My beautiful wife is Melissa, here very recently we hit a hard place in our marriage. She wants out, but she is willing to give me time to correct my wrong and might stick it out at the end of that window(4 or 5 months). I’ve test every hard place in our marriage since the beginning. I have completely surrendered all hate and discontent to Melissa and in front of The Almighty! I have not been very nice to my wife and I am asking for the correct guidance and positive outlook from here forward. I want to be my wife’s shinning knight again, her anchor, and I need HELP. Please. This was all of a sudden as if a light switch turned on or off. Things were good, a couple days prior things were GREAT.

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