Episode 25: Honoring Dreams (“A Million Dreams”) Featuring Laura Heck

honoring dreams

Someone once asked renowned marriage expert Dr. John Gottman what was one thing they could do RIGHT NOW that would have the biggest impact on their marriage.

His answer?

Honor your partner’s dreams.

First we have to know what those are, then honor them.

Today we are thrilled to talk with marriage therapist and Gottman expert Laura Heck, who walks us through the good, better, best of honoring our partner’s dreams.

And Rich’s re-make of The Greatest Showman’s A Million Dreams legitimately made Celeste cry.

It makes you laugh, it makes you cry, it hopefully spurs a meaningful conversation with your spouse, we give this episode an A+.

Show Notes

Laura’s website (where you can hire her)

Laura’s podcast Marriage Therapy Radio

Rich’s Re-Written Lyrics

“I close my eyes and I can see
The things you did along with me
But I call them my own

Through the struggle, through the years
You helped me to face my fears
I couldn’t do it alone

If I don’t chase my dreams it’ll drive me crazy
And you said, “It’s okay, I don’t mind.’
I didn’t care, I didn’t care if you were going crazy
I ignored your dreams in place of miiiiiiine.

And now it is your turn instead
To chase the dreams from in your head
Whatever dreams are keeping you awake

I see how you supported me
And made my life what it could be
Now a million turns is what it’s your turn to take
To do the million things for the dream you wanna make

There’s this life, we have built
Never cried for milk we spilt
We kept working away.

I built my dreams, room by room
But your dreams they were subsumed
You put them awaaaaaay

Now I see, now I see how I kept you burdened
And you said “I care, I don’t mind.”
But now I see to become your very own person
I need to support you in the dreams that you desiiiiiiiign

And now it is my turn to do
The unsung things to support you
In whatever dream you’re itching to chase
I’ll give up nights, I’ll watch the kids
All the things for years you did
Now a million turns is what it’s your turn to take
To do the million things for the dream you wanna make

However big, however small
Just say you’ll give it your all
But don’t chase your dream for me
You may soar you may fall

But I’ll be there through it all
To make the dream you see
To the dream you want the world to see
I’ll take and make it a dream for me!

Cause now together we will do
The dream that has inspired you
The biggest dream is what we’re gonna make
Because your dream has be-come mine
We’ll grow together as you shine
And do the million thing your dream is gonna take
A million things for the dream your gonna make

For the dream you’re gonna make.” 


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