Episode 22: Shadow Work (“Baby One More Time”) Featuring Jana Spangler

shadow work

Last week we talked about confronting our own weaknesses and imperfections.

But what about those weaknesses and imperfections that we don’t even know exist? Our own blind spots? How do we confront those?

Enter shadow work.

Jana Spangler is going to expertly walk us through some clues we have into the parts of ourselves we’re not always aware of that are holding us and our marriages back.

We’re giving some therapy to the song “Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears as a jumping off point for our conversation.

And guaranteed Rich’s acapella remake will both impress you and delight you. He’s amazing.

Show Notes

Jana’s webpage

Rich’s re-written lyrics:

Oh baby baby
I’ve finally come to know
That-I-have something inside here
Now maybe I see, my blindspots my own “shadow”
And I MAY not treat you right dear
BlindSPOT-that-we, hold onto unconsciously
Are so hard to see, but we need to know them, oh because

It does affect us obviously (and I)
Can cause you stress I do believe (do believe)
Our relationship I prioritize
And it think it’s tiiiiime
recogNIZE blindSPOTS I’ve got inside

These blindspots can fin’ly show




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