Episode 2: Transactional Love (As Long As You Love Me) Show Notes

Marriage podcast transactional love

“I got up with the baby twice last night, it’s your turn to get up with the kids this morning.” 

“You can go to girls night if you let me go golfing on Saturday.”

“You haven’t earned cuddle time, when was the last time you complimented me?”

Treating our marriage like a transaction is a super common mentality to slip into (especially when you have kids and there are so many undesirable tasks!) However, focusing on what is deserved or earned and with holding love or praise if and when our spouse doesn’t measure up is 1. exhausting 2. putting conditions on our love and 3. damaging our relationship.

In this week’s podcast, we therapize the song “As Long As You Love Me” by the Backstreet Boys as we discuss the dangers of transactional love (and what a better way looks like).

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to have interviewed Paul Friedman, director of themarriagefoundation.org for this episode as he tells us why treating your interactions like a business transaction cheapens marriage and what unconditional love looks like.

Give it a listen (and then go compliment Rich on his 5 part harmony in our re-make of this song!! What?! Mad skills.)

Show Notes:

Paul Friedman’s website= www.themarriagefoundation.org

Paul’s marriage course called Paul’s Complete Marriage System can be found here.

Follow Paul on Facebook here and on YouTube here.


And I’ll just leave you with this music video, which I HIGHLY recommend viewing:


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