Episode 13: Listening to Concerns (“Baby It’s Cold Outside”)

Baby Its Cold Outside Remake

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” wins for the song we’ve had the most requests to give therapy to. We hear your requests and the time has come!

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” is in the hot seat this week because golly, its got some relationship issues!

It was really hard to nail down what direction we wanted to take the topic this week, but in order to be the most applicable for our readers, we landed on listening to our partner’s concerns even when we don’t share them!

Sometimes we think our partner’s concerns are silly, what do we do?

Sometimes we think our partner’s concerns are not based on fact. What do we say?

Sometimes we think our partner’s concerns just aren’t valid. How do we react?

We are going to be talking all about how to aim for UNDERSTANDING instead of AGREEMENT and get to the feeling behind the concern first and foremost before reaching a conclusion.

And I (Celeste)give my full consent to the re-make of this song 🙂 Also, this is my musical debut as I sing the girl’s part in the re-make. Ugh, I can’t believe I’m singing for the internet. The things I do for you people . . . 🙂

Labor of love, enjoy!

Show Notes:

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Song Re-write Lyrics

“I really must say (Baby you’ve told your side)
I feel a certain way (Yes baby, I hear your side)
This means that you’ve been (I think it’s a marriage win)
Listening so nice (It is some good relationship advice)
It bothers me when you don’t hear me (For sure that is not endearing)
As if you are just wearing me down (I can hear how terrible that sounds)
So really this is much better (Conversations can be unfettered)
Glad you’re not a creep anymore (I def-i-nitely was one before)

You- wanna hear what I say (Baby it’s bad when I don’t)
Not just get your way (And it’s okay if I won’t)
It’s much better now (I trying hard anyhow)
And I can tell (Listen to women, and believe them as well)
I still may say “Don’t you ignore me,” (I’m sorry that I did that before, see…)
At least it’s better now than before (It *is* my fault that you felt ignored)
I really must say
(Oh baby I know that)
Baby, I’ve (you’ve) told my (your) side.

I simply was wrong (Baby I’ve told my side)
In that creepy other song (But baby I’ve told my side)
Your opinions they mean (I really feel so seen)
So much to me (Look we decide things cooperatively)
It should make me feel uneasy (Being heard sure does please me)
If my partner feels they are not heard (Being talked over is not preferred)
My mistake was making them feel pressured (*Golly gee* you are right, yes sir)
I won’t be doing that any more (Behavior like that should be deplored)

I apologize (Baby I ‘preciate that)
It sure was unwise (I really appreciate that)
You’re patience with me (I do love your honesty)
Is so very kind (It sure is work but I don’t mind)
I’ll try to be less coercive (Gosh this song is subversive)
At least you’ll know that I sure have tried (*And* I’ll be right here by your side)

You really must say
(Don’t bottle and hold out)

Baby we’ve told our side!”


And here is the original song from the movie where it debuted, Neptune’s Daughter:


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