Episode 11: Faithfulness and Priorities (“Faithfully” and “85”): The Good Ones Part 2

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We’re taking a break from being the world’s biggest killjoys today (by our usual poo-poo-ing on everyone’s favorite love songs) to applaud love songs instead!

Specifically two love songs.

Rich is talking all about faithfulness by lauding the song “Faithfully” by Journey (ahhh, what a nice song!) Typically we think of faithfulness only in terms of “have you cheated on our spouse or not?” But we are extending that definition today. What does it mean to be faithful, devoted and in awe of the person you married? And not just the person you married, but the person you are married to TODAY? Meaning people change, and we must continue re-committing to and re-discovering who this person is who we married.

It’s a lovely thought and a lovely discussion.

I’m talking all about priorities (spoiler alert: I’m going to suggest you make your relationship one) with the song “85” by Andy Grammer. The singer is looking forward in his life to the time he is 85 and wondering what he will be thinking then. Did he work too much? Did he miss his life by chasing success and money?

These are good questions to ask. What should we chase if not success and money?

How about . . . . a good relationship?? Yes!

These episodes are so fun for Rich and I to make, hope you enjoy them too!

As always, here are the music videos:




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