14 Romantic Love Notes

Introducing 14 Days of Romantic Love Notes: a series we run every year leading up to Valentine’s Day. Follow along with our love note prompts and snag our free PDF.

I often get caught in this misconception that the happiness of my marriage depends on my spouse. That I can do my part, but if he doesn’t do his, well then . . . no progress can be made. This idea often stifles shoots any efforts toward making my husband feel loved in the foot.

The truth is I can do A LOT to add to the happiness of my marriage without my husband changing anything. I can do A LOT to fill up my own love tank or put it in a place where it can be filled more readily all by myself.


The power of positive thinking.

A few years ago, I read the book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. As I was reading the chapter on Nurturing Fondness and Admiration, Gottman lists a series of questions to help you remember your fondness for your spouse. I don’t quite remember what those questions were, but I remember very clearly this wave of love wash over me as I pondered each one.

Wave of love. Just like that. source: gifbin

Rich was at work, he wasn’t even in the house and yet I found myself with an overflowing love tank simply by thinking on fond memories together and the reasons I was grateful for him in my life.

In an article from Berkeley called “How to Trick Your Brain for Happiness,” Psychologist Rick Hansen says, “The key to it is a controlled use of attention. Attention is like a spotlight . . .” You can either choose to shine that spotlight on your spouse’s positive aspects and positive memories with them or on the negative.

So, in preparation for Valentine’s Day, I want to try to harness this power of positive thought for all of us towards our spouses. I’m going to play Cupid, striking a love arrow straight to your heart, overwhelming your senses with love.

That’s me alright. source: gifzone

For the next 14 days, I’ll provide a romantic love note prompt and fill it out myself. Here are the prompts I’ll be following:

Romantic Love Notes: Click through for FREE PDF!

These love notes make a GREAT Valentine’s gift let me tell you. You are filled with love as you reminisce and write out why you love your spouse and then your spouse gets filled with love as they read them.  Win. Win.

To make this gift even easier for you, I’m providing a free PDF printable with all 14 prompts and space to write your answer. Just fill out this form with “14 Romantic Love Notes” in the comment and I’ll send it along!

Here’s a preview of what the printable will look like (first page):

Romantic Love Notes free printable

Alright, now let’s get to filling those love tanks!

PS  I have ran a 14 Days of Love Letters series the past two years as well, but with different prompts (both of those have free PDFs as well). If you want to get your hands on those clicky click on the images below:


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